Complete Promotional Products  at Lowest Prices in NZ / All Prices Include Standard Branding, Setup Cost and 30 Min. Free Artwork

Treat your people to elite promotional products only available at Bizpromo. 

What other promo gives you a full year of advertising? Beautiful promotional calendars set the scene for months of logo exposure.

Tip on Personalised New Zealand Scene Calendars

Custom giveaway New Zealand calendars promise a year of fruitful advertising! Very few advertising giveaways can boast as much exposure potential as personalised calendars. These everyday items are for daily reference by design and become an integrated part of workplaces, homes and desks. Desktop calendars, magnetic calendars and single calendars all have specialised uses and applications, so you can fit your advertising intentions to your audience. Craft a direct mail campaign with calendar mailing envelopes. When sports season rolls around, sport schedule calendars take a fanatical approach to marketing!

Why Calendars? Because calendars for more details.

Removing single-use plastic sleeves to help save our planet!

Sometimes we all need a little reminder about being more eco-friendly and sustainable in our lives, which is why Bizpromo joined the Green Earth Campaign and have removed the individual packaging on Magnetic Note Pads and Magnetic Calendars.

Bizpromo wishes for you to understand our efforts in saving the environment.


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