Complete Promotional Products  at Lowest Prices in NZ / All Prices Include Standard Branding, Setup Cost and 30 Min. Free Artwork

Colourful custom calendars with your logo keep your contact information in front of them every day! It starts from January to December. Personalise with your own business card.

Tip on Instant Customised Magnetic Calendars | Custom Promotional Fridge Calendars

Low cost, proven marketing tool to promote your business, The Bizpromo fridge magnetic calendar features stunning New Zealand scenery and NZ unique theme. Customers really enjoy these Fridge magnet calendars and will thank you for this promotional gift you have given. Select the Bizpromo magnetic promotional calendars, they really do work for you all year. How to use: Step 1 - Peel off the liner on magnetic part | Step 2 - Expose adhesive | Step 3 - Apply your business card to the magnetic backing. 

Customised calendars make great holiday gifts, or put them in your front reception area for a welcome visitor gift! Real estate agents, car dealers, sales staff, banks, insurance offices, and many others can use these magnetic advertisers to give customers and prospects. They are kept much more readily than business cards and their practicality means that your name stays on their mind for a year!


" 2024 Calendars are available now "

Magnetic Calendars

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