Complete Promotional Products  at Lowest Prices in NZ / All Prices Include Standard Branding, Setup Cost and 30 Min. Free Artwork

General Information

Standard Delivery

Freight is free* of charge to one location in New Zealand ex-stock orders. (*Exclusive Bizpromo Exclusive Products(Calendars/Magnetic Note Pads) and Print, Please see our delivery charge here)

Unless we have agreed otherwise, all orders will be dispatched for delivery by 48 hour courier service with a reputable freight company of our choice and freight is free of charge. Free freight applies to the first delivery address and for split deliveries, there is a $20.00 packing charge for each additional delivery. Free freight applies for deliveries within NZ only. Overnight freight, when required, is additional. If a delivery date is specified on your order and overnight freight has to be used to meet your deadline, the extra cost will be charged to your account. If overnight delivery will exceed $55.00 (exclusive of GST) we will endeavour to contact you for your approval before dispatch. If we are unable to contact you we will deliver based on your date request and you will be liable for the overnight freight cost. If you wish to organise your own freight you are free to do so at your own cost. In such event, you must advise us of your intentions in writing no later than the date you place your order with us. Your orders will be invoiced and stored at our factory and made available for collection by your nominated carrier during normal working hours.  Delivery to Australia is available for an additional cost, please ask for a quotation.



  • Payment terms are strictly by the ‘Payment due’ date stated on our invoice unless prior arrangements have been made with Bizpromo limited.
  • Where we have supplied the goods at a Special Price and your payment has not been received by the due date stated in the special promotion or on our invoice. Bizpromo reserve the right to charge you the normal list price for the product supplied.
  • Please contact Bizpromo to arrange credit terms outside those mentioned above.
  • *Indent Premium Calendar Orders: 50% Deposit required on all indent orders, with the balance to be paid within 3 work.


Faulty Product

Claims for faulty goods must be made in writing within 30 days of the invoice date. Faulty goods will be replaced free of charge. Credits or refunds in respect of faulty goods will only be issued at our discretion. Many of our products are low-cost advertising items and may in some cases have minor imperfections that do not impair the function of the product. Such imperfections must be accepted when purchasing low-cost items and shall not be considered the faulty product.


Damaged, Lost or Late Deliveries

We do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of goods damaged, lost or delayed while in transit by a carrier. Your goods are carried under the terms and conditions of the carrier and any claims for delay, damage or loss in transit must be made against the carrier. Please notify us of any claims for lost, late or damaged goods. We will take reasonable steps to assist you to resolve the issue with the carrier. If you wish to contact the carrier directly please advise us and we will furnish you with appropriate contact details.


Split Deliveries

When split deliveries are required the freight is free but there is a $20.00 packing charge for each delivery.



Unprinted stock in good saleable condition may be returned by arrangement within 7 days of the invoice date. A restocking fee of 15% of the invoiced cost of the goods (inclusive of GST) will apply and our determination as to whether the stock is in good saleable condition will be final. If the original invoice included a freight charge, the freight component will not be credited.



We will send you an electronic proof before printing commences. Check the proof carefully and if the correct sign or electronically approve it and return the signed or electronically approved proof to us. If in our opinion the print colours or artwork are not appropriate for the product ordered or will only give average results we will make a recommendation on the proof. We do not accept claims arising from issues we have drawn attention to in our recommendations. No printing will proceed without a signed proof. We take no liability for errors or omissions once a proof is signed so please check proofs carefully.


Sending Orders and Artwork

Email your order with the artwork attached to Ensure the job name and order number or invoice number are in the subject box. Always remember to send your artwork in one of our useable formats. More information is available in the Artwork Information section. It is your responsibility to ensure you have approval from the owner of the artwork to use it.


Artwork Charges

The time spent on typesetting, logo arrangement and minor artwork alterations is free of charge when a useable artwork is supplied with the order.

When you cannot get useable artwork, send us what you have available.

Our Artwork Wizard service will convert or redraw your artwork for a flat fee of $60.00* per hour. We will ask you for your approval before we undertake any work in this regard. Artwork Wizard can use bitmaps, scanned images or any file type that we are able to open. We can also use printed material, photographs or even hats and shirts, etc. If this is all that you can get. The Artwork Wizard fee of $50.00* covers converting almost any type of artwork into a useable file so you can quote this cost to your customer with confidence. You can use our Artwork Wizard service to redraw logos for orders that are not being placed with us but in this case, the price will be the regular undiscounted price of $90  per hour. Our Artwork Wizard service is intended for converting existing logos into usable artwork and is not intended as a design service. We reserve the right to charge $1.50 per minute if we are asked to undertake design work and also for on-going alterations to proofs.


Artwork Formats

Below is an example of a raster graphic that has been converted to vector artwork:

Vector Graphics

A vector graphic is an ideal format to supply artwork as the majority of decorating processes including pad printing, screen printing and laser engraving can only use vector artwork. Vector artwork can also be easily converted into raster artwork if required. Artwork in this format is saved as mathematical equations and can easily be edited and resized without compromising the image quality.

Vector artwork can be supplied in the following file types:

  • EPS – Encapsulated PostScript
  • CDR – Corel Draw
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator
  • PDF – Portable Document Format (ensure artwork is converted to curves / paths to avoid font conflicts)

Colours vary greatly in the digital process. If it is important to get a close colour match on a product using the digital print process please supply Vector Art.


Raster Graphics

A raster graphic is made up of grids of pixels and can’t be as easily edited or resized and in order to use raster graphics for most decorating processes such as screen printing, pad printing or laser engraving they must first be converted or redrawn as vector graphics. Raster graphics can be used with digital printing processes however it is important that it is supplied in high resolution especially if the print area is larger as resizing the image will reduce its quality. If raster graphics are supplied we will attempt to make this artwork useable otherwise the flat fee of $60.00* per hour for our Artwork Wizard service will be charged to convert or redraw artwork.

Raster artwork can be supplied in the following file types:

  • JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF – Raster files
  • DOC, PPT, XSL, PUB – MS Office files


Artwork Ownership

All artwork, film, plates and screens created by Bizpromo in the production of an order remain the property of Bizpromo Ltd.


Less than minimum quantities

Orders for quantities less than the quoted minimum will be accepted and attract a $20.00 packing charge. Less than minimum quantities are available for a $35 surcharge on ex-stock orders.


Standard Lead Time

Under normal circumstances, ex-stock branded product will be dispatched from our factory within 5-7 working days of receipt of the signed proof assuming the product ordered is in stock. Actual lead times may vary depending on the workload of the factory and we cannot be held responsible for orders taking longer than 5 working days to complete. All lead times quoted are ex-factory and do not include the transit time. Unprinted ex stock orders will be dispatched within 24 hours of receipt and acceptance of an order under normal circumstances assuming we have stock available. Lead times for indent orders vary depending on the manufacturer and method of delivery. They are also influenced by external factors that are beyond our control so our quoted lead time for indent orders are only approximate and can change without notice.


Reserving Stock

Stock can be reserved for 48 hours at our discretion. The reserve will automatically expire after 48 hours but you can renew it at our discretion if you need more time. If we receive another customer order within the reserve period which requires the reserved stock we will contact you and you will be required to confirm your order immediately or lose your reservation. Reserves cannot be placed on a stock that is promoted as a special offer or end of the line.


Back Orders

Under normal circumstances printed back ordered product will generally be dispatched within 5 working days following goods being receipted into our store. The dispatch date may vary depending on the workload at the time. Your CSR will contact you to notify you of the expected date of dispatch. If your job is urgent please discuss with your CSR. Urgent orders attract an overnight delivery charge.


Urgent Orders

Urgent orders required to be dispatched in less than 5 days may be accommodated but please check with our customer services representative for approval before placing the order. Once an urgent order is accepted, your required delivery date is entered into our production system and it will be dispatched via overnight freight unless another arrangement has been made and agreed to at the time of order placement. The goods will automatically be sent by this method and the cost will be charged to your account. You will not be contacted about this cost so please be aware that it is your responsibility to check the cost if you need to know the amount in advance. Should your delivery date be critical and we dispatch on time and the package does not arrive as anticipated FOR ANY REASON we shall not be responsible and the full price of the invoice will remain payable.


Exact Quantities

We reserve the right to supply 2% above or below the quantity ordered as per our general terms of trade. If you require exact quantities please specify this on your order and we will do our best to oblige.


Laser Engraving Individual Names or Sequential Numbering

It is possible to laser engrave or print individual names, sequential numbering, barcodes etc. on products that are suitable for laser engraving or digital printing so please ask for a quotation. One setup charge of $50.00 applies to each list of names supplied.


Product Colours

The product colours illustrated in our catalogue and website are matched as closely as the printing process will allow. Actual product colours may vary and they can also vary from shipment to shipment and this is beyond our control. Always ask to see a sample to verify the product colour is suitable for your requirements as we do not accept returns due to minor colour variations.


PMS Colours

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) was designed for mixing and controlling colours within the offset printing industry and the colour fidelity of this system is achieved using offset printing inks printed on coated and matt white paper stock. All other printing processes including digital printing have adopted the PMS system as a colour reference guide only for colour matching. It is important to remember that the inks used in such printing processes cannot be mixed according to the PMS recipes so PMS matches on promotional products can vary from almost perfect in some processes to only approximate in others. The colour of the product chosen is also a big factor in our ability to match PMS colours. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information about PMS colours if you have any concern as to whether the printing process can deliver the level of accuracy you require on the products you order. For pad and screen printing, close PMS colour matches are best achieved on white products. Reasonably close matches can also be achieved on frosted clear and silver surfaces but as the colour of the product gets darker the ability to match PMS colours diminishes. Full colour digital printing processes can only achieve approximate PMS colour matches at best. It is very important to be aware of this limitation as it is unavoidable and we do not accept returns based on digitally generated colours not matching PMS colours.


Product Suitability

Please ask to see an actual sample of the product you wish to order to ascertain its suitability for your requirements. We do not accept returns of products deemed not to be suitable for the desired purpose for any reason after they are decorated.


Pre-Production Samples

We will warn you about printing limitations including the ability to match PMS colours on your proof. If you have any concerns that the finished product may not meet the standards you require we strongly recommend requesting a pre-production sample. The cost of pre-production samples is determined by the cost of the applicable setup charges plus the cost of the product. Once the pre-production sample is approved, normal setup charges apply to the production run.